"At Topdanmark we pride ourselves in offering efficient and professional advice to the senior customer segment. Senior Analysis is a highly effective end unique tool that enables us to achieve this. In addition to an outline of our clients’ available assets, it also offers advice on how and when the assets should be exercised. A number of our most valued customers have already expressed their satisfaction with the system and the resulting advice that we have provided. Additionally, completing the implementation of the system in collaboration with Pensionpartner proved to be a rewarding, smooth and pleasant experience. The implementation was delivered on time, within approximately a month, and as part of the process our employees underwent a useful course in working with the system. Pensionpartner is a professional, collaborative partner in all aspects, and they deliver on their promises of time to market, price and quality".

Managing Director, Jan Hoffmann, 

Topdanmark Life Insurance


"Sydbank has chosen to work with Pensionpartner on developing a new advisory system that includes a needs analysis and a seniority analysis.

We decided to collaborate with Pensionpartner because of their high degree of technical knowledge and know-how, and because we were met by a very high standard of professionalism and openness. We experienced this during the planning and designing phases of our new, integrated advisory solutions.

Both our advisors and clients appreciate the solutions, which are now an integral part of pension planning at Sydbank".

Executive VP, retail and corporate clients

Jess Olsen

"After approximately 20 years in the pensions and insurance business in Scandinavia, Pensionpartner's system, Senior Analysis, is among the absolute best I have seen. This is true both pedagogically, when seen from a user's viewpoint and when considering the help and guidelines the system gives both client and advisor. It was easy for Skandia to make the decision to collaborate with Pensionpartner and purchase Senior Analysis for use in Skandia's Scandinavian companies. The attention and support Pensionpartner has provided regarding purchase, implementation and support with respect to our external collaborators shows total professionalism. It is, therefore, a natural step for us to expand and develop our collaboration with Pensionpartner in a number of areas".

COO Per Wahlström Skandias Nordendivision

"Danica Pension chose to work with Pensionpartner hoping to quickly implement a solution, which met the business requirements needed in order to provide an improved senior counselling. These requirements were fulfilled, and the collaboration with Pensionpartner has worked brilliantly throughout the course of development, not least due to Pensionpartner’s elaborate knowledge. The technical implementation of Senior Analysis has been competent and constructive throughout the project. We all worked towards one common goal, and the collaboration with Pensionpartner truly lived up to our expectations".

 Susanne Rosendahl Christensen IT project manager